Welcome to Executive Assistant-On Call, LLC!  I’m Debi Bauer. I’ve spent 25+ years in the corporate world and owning my own consulting business so I know about too much to do and not enough time to do it.  Keeping it all together is exhausting and nerve wracking – “What did I forget to do? When will I have time to do that?”

My corporate experience was with EDS (Electronic Data Systems) and ran the gamut of network management to client consulting/coaching and change management.  I retired after 19 years but continued doing the same work as an independent consultant and road warrior.

I retired from my consulting business but not from wanting to help and serve other business people. I had so many people I know well tell me other professionals needed my kind of help that I decided to use all my skills honed in those 25+ years to offer virtual executive assistance. I handle a number of the tasks that keep a business in business but require too much time away from priorities. I’m a Type A behavior when it comes to details and accuracy and for some strange reason, I like it! I also thrive in making other people look good by working behind the scenes on their behalf.

With today’s “requirement” to do more with less and still try to lead a balanced life, having your own virtual executive assistant in your back pocket is a way to get there. It’s not a luxury, it’s an investment in your success not to mention your sanity!

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  1. Betsy Clark

    Debi, I got your phone message yesterday. Thanks for calling me. I am forwarding this information onto a few of my clients who need an extra hand/are feeling swamped. This is perfect. I love having a place I can point them to. I will refer you ’til the cows come home.
    Thanks and I will stay in touch!


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